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BETHEL, NY – Defending Bethel Motor Speedway BMS Modified champion John Cote announced at the end of last season that he would only run a part-time schedule in 2014. While he may not be at the track every week, he has left no doubt that he is still a contender each time he is in the field. This past Saturday, he collected his second win in as many weeks. It was his fourth win of the season, and 105th of his career at the quarter-mile asphalt oval.


Cote started on the outside of the front row, alongside Frank James. At the drop of the green, Cote shot out front, and he led every lap of the caution-free event to claim the victory. James was shuffled back to second, where he successfully held off the challenges of George Rudinas, who crossed the line third.


The BMS Modified point battle may be one of the closest in recent memory, as 2013 Rookie of the Year Gary VanOrden Jr. will head into the next event with a mere three-point lead over Joe McCarthy. Rudinas, who sits third in the standings, trails McCarthy by just two points.


Mike Alcaro – Bethel’s 2009 Legends champion – has also proven time after time that he is a perpetual contender, in spite of also running a limited schedule. This past Saturday, Alcaro scored a clean sweep of the night, winning his heat race and then going on to lead every lap of the feature on the way to his sixth win of the year.


Alcaro took off from the pole, immediately putting his car out front. Brad Lowmaster held second until just prior to the halfway point, when Joseph Graf worked his way past. Richie Coy ran in third for the first half of the event, but he was eventually passed by 2013 Rookie of the Year Collin Hoeffner. Both Graf and Hoeffner tried to chase down Alcaro, but he was unstoppable as he claimed the win. Graf had to be content with second, and Hoeffner was third.


It has often been said that the first win is the hardest to achieve, and that they come easier after that. That held true for Bandolero driver Eddie Fatscher, who claimed his first career win just one week earlier, and backed it up with his second win on Saturday night. Fatscher started on the pole, and led every lap. David French ran in the second spot for the majority of the event while Alex McCollum and Nicholas Harnage battled for third. With two laps to go, Kaci Stackhouse took advantage of an opening and laid claim to the second spot. Harnage crossed the line third.


Joey Aungst claimed his second Beginner Bandolero win of the season, beating Ryan Macartney to the line.


Fans were kept on the edges of their seats during the caution-free Pro Stock race, that ended with Mark Sylvester walking away with his fifth win of the year. Sylvester started on the outside of the front row, alongside Larry O’Donnell. While O’Donnell led the first two laps, Sylvester edged his way past on lap three. Just two laps later, Kenny Atkins took over second. This set the stage for a 15-lap side-by-side duel between Sylvester and Atkins. Sylvester was able to hold off Atkins’ challenges and was first to the checkered flag, followed by Atkins and O’Donnell.


Defending Street Stock champion Amber VanOrden claimed her 12th win of the year and further padded her points lead. A. VanOrden came on the outside from the fourth starting spot to take the lead on the initial lap. She was chased by Gary VanOrden Sr. over the majority of the event, but Vinny Stanton was able to grab the second spot with just four laps remaining. Time ran out for Stanton to challenge for the lead in the caution-free event, and A. VanOrden was first to cross the line. Stanton was second, and VanOrden Sr. was third.


Dan Curry led every lap of the caution-free 4 Cylinder Advanced race to claim his first win of the season. Curry started on the outside pole, alongside Tim Bryant. Curry wasted no time putting his car out front when the green flag waved. Bryant was only able to hold on to second until lap three, when JB Morris got past. By lap seven, Morris had Kody Welsh hot on his heels. Morris and Welsh spent the remainder of the race chasing down Curry, but Curry proved to be unbeatable. Morris was second, and Welsh crossed the line third.


Mike Bryant came from the eighth starting spot to grab his ninth 4 Cylinder Novice victory of the season. Pole sitter Dwayne Henry got out to the early lead and was able to hold off challenges from Robert Clarke, Felicia Reichenbaugh, and Lee Cogswell before Bryant snatched the lead on lap 13. Just two laps later, Brian Bauernfeind passed Henry for the second spot, and David Donovan worked his way into the top three one lap later. Bryant was first to the checkered flag, followed by Bauernfeind and Donovan.


Drew Fornoro took the lead with five laps remaining in the Atlantic Coast Old Timers (ACOT) feature event and drove on to the win over Bruce Carman and Ken Goewey.


Howie Murphy led all but the first lap on his way to the Northeast Vintage Dirt Modified win over Ray See Sr. and John Hager.


BMS MODIFIED FEATURE FINISH (20 laps): 1. John Cote (Danbury, CT), 2. Frank James, 3. George Rudinas Jr., 4. Joe McCarthy, 5. Gary VanOrden Jr., 6. Steve Galgano, 7. Blair Culhane.


LEGENDS FEATURE FINISH (20 laps): 1. Mike Alcaro (Newton, NJ) (P), 2. Joseph Graf (YL), 3. Collin Hoeffner (YL), 4. Richie Coy (M), 5. Brad Lowmaster (SP), 6. Chris Hammett (SP), 7. Joe DeGracia (SP), 8. Drew Bottge (SP), 9. Joe Graf (M), 10. Matt Gaughan (SP), 11. Teddy Hodgdon (YL), 12. Jeffrey Lefcourt (M), 13. Matt Evans (P), 14. Dylan Hoffman (SP), 15. Max Evans (YL), 16. Bill Johnston (M), 17. Matt Forsythe (YL), 18. Mark Foster (P), 19. Stephen Hershey (P), 20. Eugene Drew (SP), 21. Joe Fresco (SP).


BANDOLERO FEATURE FINISH (15 laps): 1. Eddie Fatscher (East Northport, NY) (B), 2. Kaci Stackhouse (O), 3. Nicholas Harnage (O), 4. Alex McCollum (O), 5. Eugene Drew (O), 6. David French (O), 7. Jessica Ricci (O), 8. Bryan Chirico (B).


BEGINNER BANDOLERO FEATURE FINISH (15 laps): 1. Joey Aungst (Pompton Lakes, NJ) (B), 2. Ryan Macartney (B).


PRO STOCK FEATURE FINISH (20 laps): 1. Mark Sylvester (Tafton, PA), 2. Kenny Atkins, 3. Larry O’Donnell, 4. Gene Morton, 5. Jeff Hager, 6. Jim Helt.


STREET STOCK FEATURE FINISH (20 laps): 1. Amber VanOrden (Hawley, PA), 2. Vinny Stanton, 3. Gary VanOrden Sr., 4. Chris Chirico, 5. Arthur McArthur, 6. Lee Fledman, 7. Dick Shaddock.


4 CYLINDER ADVANCED FEATURE FINISH (20 laps): 1. Dan Curry (Swan Lake, NY), 2. JB Morris, 3. Joe Smith, 4. Kody Welsh, 5. Walt Henry, 6. Joe Morris, 7. Keith Henry, 8. Shawn Barschow, 9. Kyle Welsch, 10. Jerry Kingeter, 11. Brent Shaddock, 12. Patty Falkena, 13. Tim Bryant.


4 CYLINDER NOVICE FEATURE FINISH (20 laps): 1. Mike Bryant (Honesdale, PA), 2. Brian Bauernfeind, 3. David Donovan, 4. Felicia Reichenbaugh, 5. Lee Cogswell, 6. Dwayne Henry, 7. Robert Clarke, 8. Heather Porter, 9. Dan Houghtaling.


ATLANTIC COAST OLD TIMERS (ACOT) FEATURE FINISH (12 laps): 1. Drew Fornoro, 2. Bruce Carman, 3. Ken Goewey, 4. Keith Majka Jr., 5. Tom Hindley, 6. Andy Montanari, 7. Gary Colucci, 8. Paul Weisel Jr. DNS – Bill Goodfellow, Bud Hinman, Jim Leys, Keith Majka Sr., John Stavola, Jeff Waples, Dave Shore.


NORTHEAST VINTAGE DIRT MODIFIEDS (20 laps): 1. Howie Murphy, 2. Ray See Sr., 3. John Hager.